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angels are good in groups until they pair off or grow up, then youll have issues. the OP only got 1 angel so that shouldnt have been an issue.
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Ok, I am on my third angel. This one is a little older probably 3" or so right now. It is still doing the same thing as the other two though. One thing that I thought of today is that I might have too much water movement for them(300gph). I turned both my filters to the lowest setting today, so we shall see if that makes a difference. If this one doesn't come away from the back wall by tomorrow evening I might just take it back to the store and not do an angelfish in this tank

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What temp is the tank? Angels prefer warm water. Increase to 80 degrees if it isnt already there. Verify your thermometer with another.
Have you tried doing a water change or 2 and see if the fish perks up? Could be something in the water that doesnt show up on test kits.
Are you adding any chemicals to the water, to adjust ph or whatever?
There is something about your tank the angels don't like, you just have to figure out what it is.
And when the angel grows up, the guppies will likely start disappearing.
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You can ask the LFS to keep the fish for you for a week(pay for the fish first), to see if the fish is ok.
Test the water from the LFS and your water with your test kit.

If you can, buy some from, buy quarter size or bigger, ask for instructions from the seller they know their stock. Much better then the LFS.
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I dont see what could be wrong. Ure previous angels were way too small (1.5"), so that's risky. They might not be eating, but then they'd still survive longer. Maybe ure water is too hard.

I'm not a fan of a lone angel in a tank

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Actually today the angel has not been hiding out in the back at all. It will swim across the front of the tank every few minutes then hang out by the side glass. I will see a little later if it eats at feeding time, and I will also do a water change tonight to see if that helps at all. As far as chemicals go, the only thing that has been added to my tank was API's StressZyme to help with my cycle. I do not add anything to artifically raise or lower ph. The store water ph for this angel tested at 7.6 and my tank is at 7.0, so I took an extra amount of time to acclimate because of the difference. I keep my tank temp at 80 degrees, and I just double checked it with a digital kitchen thermometer, it said 80.0 on the dot.

Things are looking up so far. We shall see how it goes after feeding and the water change.

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When purchasing any fish, would recommend to have them sitting at local store for few days. It all depend wether lfs receive direct shipment from farm/breeder or local wholesalers. Either way, still let them pulled out from shipping stress at lfs. Many times, fish will break down after few days of arrival.

When choosing fish, put your hand over the tank, pretending feeding, and choose one that is responding (alert) to this.

If want to acclimate better, use bucket or shallow cat litter pan (new). Hold down air line tubing b/n rim and hood, prime the hose (suck on tubing) and tie the knot (if cant tie fast enough, hold the end of tubing llittle higher than tan). Tilt the pan against wall so that fish will be still underwater when removed from bag. Loosen the knot so it drip into container. Should remove some of the water few times from the container, just in case NH3 accumulated in the ba. them continue dripping for little longer period.

By any chance, Is your tank lot deeper than lfs tank? As I mentioned before, new arrival at the store might not have well ajusted pressure differences from bag to lfs tank. Have expeperienced that many Altum Angels (wild ) perished by just dumping into deeper diisplay tank from box after acclimation. Thus would recommend to p/u angels which were in lfs for while.

In case your tank is lot deeper (more than 20" depth), lmk. ther are other DIY that you can use for new arrival to get used to depth. and use bucket over shallow pan to accomodate the depth of tank. When introducing, could try small container to catch and release rather than net.

As one member pointed out, checking to see if there are pH difference b/n yours and lfs, might help you finding causes!!
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The store clerk said that this batch of angels came in a shipment over 3 weeks ago. And no, I do not have a tall tank, it is the standard for 30gals (18-19").

So I have done a PWC and waited awhile to feed the fish. The angelfish swims throughout the tank now very timidly though. Except for when I approach the tank, then it just goes back into it's corner and just looks at the back wall. So when I put flakes in for all the fish, the angel never got any because it waited for probably ten minutes after I had stepped away before it started swimming around again. It looks like it wants to eat because it has been nibbling at the driftwood and some of the algae on the fake plants. I don't know how to feed it if it gets scared when I approach.

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Give it a little time and your angel will soon learn to associate you with food. It will take a cue from the other fish when it is feeding time.

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did you try worms yet? Try some blood worms, or try dipping flakes in liquid garlic.
keep doing 25-50% water changes, always helps
dim the lights a little
The angel is not gasping for air and doesn't have locked fins, all should be ok
try using prime as a water conditioner
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