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I saw Trilby when I did a search a while back online, but didn't know if it was worth the drive. Thanks, now I can tell my husband someone suggested it to me and maybe he won't mind the drive so much, lol. ;)
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Sounds like you are off to a good start. Cichlids like a high PH and Hard water. Breeding may be difficult with a mix of different breeds in the tank. To breed effectively, you will need more females than males of the same species. some say 3-1 I like 4 or 5 to 1.
I keep my Cichlid tank overstocked because I have broken the rules and have Cichlids from Victoria, Malawi and Tanganyika all in the same tank.
Cichlids are a blast to own. Be ready to deal with aggression. I have had some let downs with my tank until I finally got a good group of fish. Still have some aggression but it is shared among all the fish in the tank. Read all you can on Cichlids and you will really enjoy keeping them.
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Do you know any good resources I should look at? I've been looking at random sites online for info but maybe you know a good book I should look up, too? I did read about the 4/1 ratio for breeding but I don't want to go all out breeding and I figure If I provide enough hiding and an overstocked tank, buying one f as breeder might be ok? I still haven't fully decided on which fish I want. I went to Trilby this past weekend and was very pleased to find them knowledgeable and willing to spend time answering my seemingly never ending stream of questions, lol. They did reassure me that they can package the fish so my hour trip home will be ok for them. The only problem is that I don't know how to identify which type of fish their juveniles are. I have looked at so many pictures and names of fish that it's become hard to keep them straight, lol. A book on the different names of cichlids with identifying pictures would be awesome. I need to head up to my library to see what they have. Here I am running on again, lol. I am really excited, I have the tank started now, I do need more rock but everything else seems in working order so far. Need to cycle then decide for sure what I want. How many should I buy for the first batch? Maybe some Syodontis and a couple of Cichlids? Idk, I still have time to decide though, lol. =) Thanks!
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I really didn't buy or read any books. All that I have learned about Cichlids I learned from my lfs or on the internet. Here is a good site for gathering info on different breeds. African Cichlids - Victorian and Malawi
This is certainly not a complete list of all the breeds that are available. I think sometimes it is hard to pick juveniles as they change color when they get older.
One of my favories is the Zebra Obliquidens. I have a pair of them now but they are too young to breed still and I need a few more females to put in there with the pair. Juveniles of this breed have no color at all, Just black and white stripes. Watching them color up as they mature is one of the coolest things. One day they are plain and then suddenly you start to see color. Then all the sudden they are full of color. Another one of my favorites is the Hap Nyererei, but they are extremely aggressive. Even the females will destroy other fish in the tank. One of these days I would like a take set up just for Nyererei. (pronounced Ni-ri)
I am still learning every day about these cool fish.
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