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neolamprologus ocellatus and red cherry shrimp

hi peeps,

planning to get some "shellies", and just wanted to check if my red cherry shrimp would end up as dinner. tia
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They may not get eaten, but they will be killed. I kept multies and I couldn't even keep plecos in the tank once they spawned. The multies would attack anything.
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thanks for the quick post!

They're that aggressive? i thought these were supposed to be the "community tanks" cichlids.

If so i may need to reactivate my 5-gallon tank. i have two females that are bursting with eggs right now

i once saw a documentary on lake tanganyikan cichlids. These "shellies" stood out for me. Stealing shells from other shellies? Priceless :D
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I usually suggest that shellies be kept in species tanks. Dominant males usually keep a harem of females. I had a tank with 3 females and 3 males, and the sub-dominant males were always chase away from the females. They are not super aggressive with other shellies, but any non shellies will be beat up pretty regularly. I've even seen groups of multies beat up larger fish when they feel threatened.
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