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Need suggestions based on my water

The water in my area is very hard but my ph is low. I wanted to get Apisto's since I fell in love with them but I also don't want to get cichlids that I have to constantly add things to the water to make them confortable. Apisto's I know, like low ph with soft water so I'd have to add something, probably chemicals, to soften the water. If I do africans, I have to increase my ph, more chemicals. I want a cichlid that stays somewhat small, 4 inches or less, that aren't going to kill my pleco or cory's. I don't care for Serverms(sp?) or the flowerhorns. I need suggestions since I'm only a few weeks away from being completly cycled so I have to start planning. Plus, any water changes I do I have to do very slowly since the fish I have now are used to they're conditions. Oh yeah, I've always had salt in the tank since I had livebearers so it would be no big deal to have to maintain salt.

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Keyhole cichlids, cories, razzies, gouramis,...........
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Please don't use chemicals to alter the ph of your tank. The chemicals lead to instabilities and are very harmful to the fish. Better methods are:

To soften water: Driftwood, bogwood, peat, indian almond leaves

To harden water: Crushed coral added to filter or substrate

Bear in mind however that a stable ph is much more important for your fish than a specifis ph. If properly acclimatised, tank-red fish are mostly very adaptable.
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I really think I'm better off making the water softer with peat or almond leaves than trying to raise the ph. Plus, this will still make it possible to have a bunch of apistos, expensive but they really struck me.

"Cycling best friend is a good liquid regeant test kit, and a good barber to fix your hair after you pulled half of it out."
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i LOVE my apistogrammas. Like Falina said, a stable ph is better than a specific one. my apistos live in water that has a ph of 7.6 and are perfectly happy :)

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