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need help possible newbi mistake.

I have always been intrested in chiclids, so today when I went to my local fish store I decided to turn my 50 gal into a chilid tank. I picked up 2 tiger oscars (2in) and 3 convicts( they are still in the bag adjusting to the water temp). I currently have 3 tiger barbs in my tank, a stripped rapheal and a pleco.

I know this is backwards, but I decided to do some research after I bought the fish and find out that the convicts pretty much eat all fish and should be alone. My question is. Would it be safe for the tiger oscars and convicts to be in the same tank? The only fish that I honstley want to keep from my current stock is the Rapheal. Would he be safe? If not I would like to return them before I realse them ( convicts into my tank). What kind of Chiclids would be same with tiger oscars?
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I went ahead and put them in there and after some researh I realized that my tank is probably to small. I'll keep them as long as I can and probably make my next tank a discus and angel tank. Next time I will be the research ahead of time and I won't buy on a whim.
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Welcome to the forum, Tulsatkd. I've not kept the fish you have so can't comment other than what you've already have found out, that your tank is too small for these fish once they reach adult size. Don't feel bad, you're not the only person who has purchased on a whim. I've also done it. :)

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your convicts should be fine with your oscars, providing they are around the same size to start, I've kept both of these together, firemouths, jack dempseys will also get along.
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Thanks Kymmie.

They are all pretty much the same size so hopefully they will all get along.

How fast do oscars normally grow
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when I had mine, all I remember is they got pretty big, pretty fast! we had to find the 2 we had a new home.
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oscars can grow at a rate of 1 inch a month until they get about 10- 11 inch then they'll slow down. when i got mine (2 albino & 1 tiger) they were about 3-3 1/2 inch and were in a 55 gal, within 4 months one of the albinos had jumped out of the 55g 3 times so we went and got them a 125g and all is well.
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be careful with the cons if they breed other wise all the other fish in the tank as well as a full grown oscar will
get attacked until death sometimes.
good luck

the types fish that i have r?
mollies 4 normal 1 sailfin
platies 4
guppies lots
swordtails 8 normal 1 bouble swordtail
bristle nose catfish-5 albino 5 normal
white clouds
2 albino and 1 bronze corydoras
Zebra danios 4 normal 1spotted 1 albino longfin
1 Betta red/blue/purple
bristle nose fry
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