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I think Synodontis nigriventris will eat off of just about any surface. I've seen them root through the substrate just like corydoras.

Pictus are a bit more predatory than something like a loach or true bottom-feeding catfish. They won't be great at eating stuff off of the substrate, but they should still make good additions to your aquarium. The channel cat, on the other hand, would get much too large for even a 150g tank.

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Hi folks, due to a severe ich infection the pictus catfishes have died. I'm currently controlling the outbreak via elevated temperatures and salt. Once the outbreak has been controlled, I'll still occasionally use conditioning salt to benefit the fishes.

Since pictus catfishes don't do well with salt, can you recommend a fish (that can be gotten at petsmart) which will are bottom dwellers and eat flakes/flood that fall to the bottom?

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First of all, I'd like to agree with what others have said...if you don't overfeed you won't need anything to clean up the extra food.

Now then, any of the medium/large plecos or any synodontis would be great additions to your tank, and would eat food off the bottom. I personally prefer synodontis, very cool looking catfish. You might need to find a pet store that specializes in fish to get some of the more interesting varieties though. PetSmart/Petco generally have a bland selection. I avoid those stores anyway, my fish survival rate is much higher with the good independent store I patronize than with Petsmart/Petco.

You're on the internet, find a local independent pet store that carries a lot of fish. Even if it's a 30 minute drive it's probably going to be worth the trip. You'll see many more varieties of fish than PetSmart provides.
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A school of loaches too large to be eaten should work well, but they are scaleless fish and are just as susceptible to ich as the pictus. Blue modesta loaches are probably a good choice.

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