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Question Need advise

I am not new to fish, but I am new to LARGE tanks I recently aquired a 300 gal aqurium to good to pass up. It took a little doing to get it in the house, but we got it set up. I have a Texas cichlid I have had 5 or 6 years in a 55 and he despreatly needed more space. I had been looking for a100 to 125 when I stumbled on the 300. The tank came with a peco approx 8 in long, my Texas is approx 10 inches. They were fine and I added a salvinea --sp? all was good. A week ago a friend gave me a yellow tiger Oscar approx 10 inches and what he is calling a Jack Dempsey (unlike any I have ever seen befor) approx 14 inches long. My PH and ammonia are great, the temp is a little cool, today I noticed "Jack" has a white fungus looking "ickish" looking something on his nose and one fin.

What can I do tonight to help him, raise the temp, add salt, isolate him? all I have availiable is a 10 gal (if he would fit)? Then what do I need to do or what product do I need to get to clear up the problem before it gets worse. HELP Sue in Texas

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if its just the one fish that has it, i would suggest moving it to another tank. bump the temp to 82-85 and add salt ( (1tbsp/gal), and keep an eye on him
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I think the fish sounds to large to place in a 10gal tank.

You may want to consider adding Melafix or Primafix to the large tank. I sometimes use it in my 210gal. Its one of the cheaper meds to use if you have to treat a large amount of water. You can sometimes find it in the pond section at the store.

Turning the heat up some may help as well. I dont know what heaters you are using, but I have two separate heaters for my 210.

If it is ick, I would treat the whole tank using the heat treatment.

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i was under them impression the OP said they have a 55g
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My 55 is tropical - all those fish are 1 to 2 inches . I turned the heat u last night, but it takes a while to raise the temp for that much water. I have 2 heaters in it and will add another this morning - Will add the salt. Right now it is a small amount of nastyness, but with the tropicals, I have learned it;s best to treat the whole tank rather than trying to seperatr one or two fish. With the 300 I am unsure of how much of what to do.

Thanks for all the advise, I will let you know how things go. - Sue
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if separating it to a new tan kis not an option, next best thing will be to bump the temperature in the tank to 82-85 and add aquarium salt (1 tbap/gal) and dose the whole tank.

best of luck to you
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Temps up, added salt, went and got the primafix. Everyone seems to be doing OK. Thanks again for all the help. There isn't a good fish store close to me, just the Petco / Petsmart type, and those people are of no help at all, in fact most of what they tell you is flat wrong.

Thanks again,
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How are things going? There's a big difference between fungal infections and ich, but a broad spectrum approach is probably ok (especially with big, hardy fish like you've got).

Any chance we could see some pictures? I've never heard of a 14" Jack Dempsey so I'm curious as to what you've got.

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