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If your able to get a 6 footer(125g +), that would be best if your going to go with the larger fish.
If it were me, and it's not, I wouldn't put pictus cat fish in with oscars or jd's. They will most likely become a meal. I've got 3 - 6yr old oscars (about 14" nose to tail) in a 6 foot 150g and they can eat a fish the size of a 5" pictus cat.
For 5 yrs there was a jd ( a rock lodged in his throat) in with my oscars with no problems, got them all at the same time and size so they grew up together. Just keep in mind, that my set up has work out for me (so far), dosen't mean that it'll work out for others. Each fish are different.
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Originally Posted by duvalboy View Post
I was thinking about starting a tank with two Oscars and one common pleco i know its gotta be big .....i was thinking 75 or maybe 100 gallons will this be suitable for two tiger oscars and one common pleco
75 plenty big, are you getting 2 to 3 inch fish or bigger ?
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I have a 75 gal with a large male jd and pictus cats. There is also a small female convict cichlid in the tank. There is no aggression except at feeding time as the fish compete to see who can hog down the most food. I was surprised by how aggressive the pictus cats become at feeding time. They will pull food out of the jds mouth if the piece of food is too large for him to immediatly engulf. Far from becoming a meal, they definitely hold their own in the tank, to the extent of actually being the aggressors. Amazingly, everyone leaves the little convict alone.
I love the pictus cats because not only are they attractive fish- bright silver with bold black spots-but they also do a wonderful job keeping the tank clean of food scraps. They are some of the most active fish possible and never rest; constantly probing every inch of the tank. For a big tank, I highly recommend pictus catfish as cleaners. I wouldn't keep them in anything less than a 4' tank because they are very hyperactive and athletic swimmers that need considerable open space. They are not very large fish, but they have lots and lots of attitude and energy, and they are armed with very sharp spines to fend off big fish that might try to eat them. I guess a very large and hungry oscar might TRY to eat a pictus, but I seriously doubt that he would be successful!
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I wish mine used more of the 125. They pretty much exist in one corner of the tank. They are super food aggressive though, I agree. I'm getting an oscar for my tank - I'm not worried.

Show tanks 125, 125, 90, 10, 5, 2.5
QTs 2x29, 2x20

125 - BGK, chanchito cichlid, pictus cats, silver dollars, palmas bichir
125 - cichlids (severums, bolivian rams, chocolate), rainbows ( turquoise, red), loaches (angelicus, zebra, kuhli and horseface), plecos (BN, RL and clown), denison barbs, tiretrack eel, pearl gouramis, betta
90 - Congo tetras, african knife, upside down cats, spotted ctenopoma, kribensis, delhezzi bichir
2.5 - betta
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Ive found five foot tank with a hood for 150 $ in a couple months after i clean and cycle i am going to buy two jd s and some pictus cats....and i found s pet store that said they would rehome my pleco i will update with pics when i get it set up this weekend maube you could tell me.what you think ..... Thanks for your input
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