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My finaly decided

I just got a used 55 Galon Fishtank, it cames with a heim Pro II filter and alot of other good stuff. I at first thoght about Saltwater, but when I came to the store and loked at the fish I fell in love with the cchlids. SoI decide to set it up for cichlid.
Is there anyone that has a 55gal and cichlids? I was told in the store that in a 55gal I can keep allmost a dozen of cichlids in there what do you think? any ideas what to get and how many of each? and is there any other fish that you put in the makes it look difrent.? I know I shouldnt put in all the fish at once I need to cyclr first. I got some rocks and other thinks with hold for them to hide.
Any suggestions would be appriciated. I was told in the shop that cichlids ned hy PH and they are called bulit broof fish do you aggree with that?
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They tend to need a higher pH, but i think for the most part they can adapt.....A steady pH is always best..........Personally i wouldnt use a pH that was lower than 7.5 could try using some kind of crushed coral as a substrate as this will help buffer the tap water is around 7.8 and my crushed coral substrate keeps it around 8.0.........
as for stocking, for variety you could do an all male tank, 1 male of a few different species........
for groups, the yellow lab/demasoni mix is always popular.....maybe 4-5 labs and 12-15 demasoni........
you could also check out this link..........


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Jackwalz, it depends. What type of cichlids are you talking about? Africans like a higher ph while South/Central Americans are a softer water fish. Some SA/CA also can get much larger. Make sure you do lots of research because cichlids can be very aggressive and you need to be careful of what types you mix.

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Thank you for replying,
I think the store was refering to africans, and yes I'm useing crushed coral as gravel and some nice rocks.
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