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My blood parrot is an eating machine!!!!

my blood parrot is 2.5 inches and it is eating everything!! I give a pinch of flake food for him and a pinch for my 7 ghost shrimps (there used to be 13 ). i know my shrimp will get eaten... but the point is my blood parrot keeps steeling all the food!! he practicly eats 3 pinches in like 1 minute. am i not feeding him enough? what should i do?
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if i were you, i would either buy sinking pellets for the shrimp.

heres how i would do it, i would feed the Bp on the side of the tank opposite to the ghost shrimp, then put your hand in the tank and put the food somewhere where they shrimp can get the food and the Bp cant.

or, just soak some of the flakes so some of them fall, the Bp (if like mine) will go for the floating first, so put the soaked and the dry flakes in their, so some sink, and hopefully the Bp doesnt eat them once they hit the bottom.
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my bp goes for the sinking ones first and rarley eats the floating ones. my bp will probably steal the ghost shrimp's food. it stole my plecos sinking wafers.
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hmmmmmm, is he large enough to eat shrimp pellets? (made from shrimp, but you can feed to shrimp to) maybe try hiding it under a spot in the tank, that he cant get to that the shrimp can.

as long as you know that the Bp will eat those shrimp eventually, though i think i read that in the topic post.

also, if you do this remember to gravel vacuum underneath their regularly.
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I know of people who feed their rope fish by putting their food in a bottle with a narrow opening and dropping that it. That way the other fish can't get inside. Perhaps you could try that for your shrimp? They'll be able to climb into the bottle to eat and the BP won't be able to get inside.
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thats a pretty odd theory, but it might just work! ive never heard of that before.

make sure that it isnt a pop bottle though, dont wanna be leaking out anything from the bottle into your tank.
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great idea! ill try that. thanks :D
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