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Given proper tank size, good water condition and feeding, midas/rd's grow quite quickly until they hit about the size that yours currently is, then they slow down a fair amount. What size is the tank yours is in?

As for the nuchal hump, no one will really be able to answer that for you. Hump development depends on a handful or two of factors, everything from feeding and water conditions to dominance and tankmates - but mostly, it depends on the individual fish. Not every fish will develop a large nuchal hump, many (males and females) have not much of one at all. You really just have to let your fish develop and wait to see. Generally speaking, again depending on the fish, you can start to notice hump development anywhere from the 3" to 7" range.
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tanks a 55... another quick question anyone know what my ph should be? and water temp? thanks a lot for your patients i know im a noob
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Originally Posted by herna236
tanks a 55... another quick question anyone know what my ph should be? and water temp? thanks a lot for your patients i know im a noob
I don't think you need to bother with your pH if your fish is happy with it. 7 is neutral. As for water temperature, I'd recommend staying at 25-27 degrees Celsius.

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Yeah, I wouldn't worry about messing with the pH or hardness of your water. The fish is likely used to it already, and you'd likely do more damage than good if you starting adjusting it. If he's happy, no need to fuss with it :) I keep my tanks at about 79 degrees F. Dunno what that is in Celsius ;)
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thank you all
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