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Mbuna and eels

So could I put eels in the same tank with mbuna cichlids?
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Which species of eel? Most of the eels are predatory, something not to be considered with mbunas when you look at their diet.

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I am not sure which species I was just wondering if I could put any in with them.
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Why don't you just stick with the cichlids?

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I would say no. Eels generally prefer softer, more acidic water. Plus, like Lupin pointed out, eels tend to be predatory and often need a diet of frozen or live meaty foods. Cichlids are aggressive feeders and will likely eat this stuff themselves, but African rift lake cichlids really need a diet high in vegetable matter so eating all of that meaty food intended for the eels wouldn't be good for them.

Not to mention that African cichlids tend to be very aggressive and would very likely harass the eels.

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if you are looking for something to put with your mbuna why not some of the synodontis??
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The eels that I found are not really considered eels I guess they are called spotted peacock eels.
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Peacock eels are one of the more common freshwater eels. I wouldn't recommend them as tankmates for mbuna.

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