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Looking for a cheap substrate ???

Hi all... I just found this forum so I am new here.. I have a 300gal that I am in the process of setting up right now. I am looking to find a sand substrate for the bottom. I saw in the store the cichlid sand for like 29.00 a bag. I would need like 20 or so bags for this tank .. Thats quite a lot.. Are there any other cheap ideas that I could do for the bottom.. Maybe head to the beach and get some sand there????
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Go to Home Depot or Lowes and get yourself some play sand, or my preference is paver sand......Paver sand contains little pieces of rounded off gravel............IMO, its a better look than just play sand, but everyone has their personal preference.............I wouldnt do beach sand, you never know what you could introduce to your tank as far as bad pathogens or some nasty little creatures...........Hope this helped you out!
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yup, play sand is like $4 a bag and the bags are 50 lbs I think

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I used to have sand in my tank. Like the others said, just go to Lowe's or Home Depot and get bags of play sand. I sifted mine into a 5 gallon bucket because I didn't want to have the pieces of small gravel in it. When the bucket was half full, I took the water hose and let it run through it to clean it up. Obviously, you'll have to do it several times since you've got a 300 gallon tank. I was lucky and only needed to do it once, haha.
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yeah I got some from home depot, but it was just regular sand not the lighter sand that other people have got. Mine looks more natural IMO. It is a great deal however make sure you wash wash wash, i washed a lot of sand for over 2 hours. Also when filling your tank have some water in it first. Then slowly scoop the sand in, so it doesnt cloud the water as much.
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Hello bestshooter and welcome to the forum.

If you are willing to spend a little more, pool filter sand works well. I find it easier to clean than play sand.
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Another link worth looking at if you want a selection of colors:


They offer free shipping

PS. Welcome to the forum!

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