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Lonely angel??

I've had my angel for about 4-6 weeks, and he's about half dollar size, perhaps a little smaller. He's in a 28 gallon tank with 2 platies, a cory, 4 otos, and a female betta. I know that the cory should be kept in a group, but I've had trouble establishing cories in my tank, and he's the last one I have. As for the platies, they seem quite content for the time being. I'm wondering if my angel might be lonely. 28 gallons is obviously too small for 2 adults, but I'm not too worried about tank size, becuase I could always move them around. Would my angel be happier with a buddy? If so, could I buy several, and let one pair up with my current angel, and then return the others? Or would that be a bad idea in a 28 gallon tank? If I removed all the other fish beside the angel, and added the new angels just until one pairs up with my angel, would that be okay?
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The biggest problem I see is I am not sure when they reach maturity and start to pair off in spawning pairs. Also, remember that if they do pair off and try to spawn they could get very aggressive toward the other in such a small tank. I think it is really going to be hit and miss but chas a large potential for lots of missing fins.

The only other thing is to make sure that your LFS will take them back.
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Well, once my tank is fully planted, all the fish that I have in it right now, except the angel & otos, will be moved out. I'll be adding cardinal tetras. Would they get aggressive towards these too??
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Aggresive? Would you consider eating your tetras aggressive?
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Well, I know that's a risk, but I also know of very successful tanks with large angels and cards. I'm going to try it.
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An angelfish is fine by itself. No need to add another.

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and your cardinals will be eaten eventually, just wait and see, i know someone that had 50+ cardinals in a 90g tank, it took till the angelfish were 4-5" and within a week, they had eaten all his cardinals, he was mad LOL.
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I've got 8 angels and lots of cardinals and neons. Nobody eats anyone. :D

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i agree with everyone else the loner angel will be fine

2 community tanks
and 2 angel breeder tanks
plus 1 platty tank( my sons)
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