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True geting it to up is one thing but to keep it there after water changes is another. lol your welcom. Wow i never thought of makeing a chart. good Idea.
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from what you say about your gh and gh you got a crazy high buffering cap/hard water, Just like me :D great water for african cichlids just add some limestone like you have maybe some more and boom your good.
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i wouldnt add anymore limestone at 7.6 Ph, your africans will be other members, and yourself stated, keep checking on a regular basis and your tank should be far as water changes go, this is how i have been doing it for a few years........i have 33 gallon rubbermaid garbage can that i fill with water and have a heater in to bring the temp up......doing this has allowed me have water always ready for an instant water change in case something goes wrong in one of my also can be a quick place to house fish if a tank develops a leak ....this has been a lifesaver a few times in the last 10 years......i know not everyone has the space to do this, but if you do, i find it very benefical......with having 10 tanks in my house i try to be prepared for the worst case scenerio.....if you do go this route, you could always have limestone in the bottom of the can to raise the Ph while the water is bringing itself up to temp..........there again you will have to monitor the can's Ph till it stabilizes, but once it does, it should help you with keeping a constant Ph during water changes.......
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For me and my water changes I simply use a dechlorinator while filling up a 5 gallon bucket
I have an elaborate Temp gauge that you can buy now for around 60 dollars and
while filling up the 5 gallon bucket I keep an Eye on the temp of the water in the bucket and I
try to get the water temp within 1 degree of the actual water temp in the tank.
Personally for me I get the water 1 degree higher than the actual water in the tank.
I have not had any problems what so ever....

Your idea about the water in the garbage can is a good one...
I have a question .... do you have a filter in the can to circulate the water in the
garbage can?
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no i dont use anything in the garbage can such as a filter, i see no reason for it...........i do keep it covered so nothing foreign can fall into it..............when i first started doing the garbage can thing i used to run an air stone, but dont really see any beneifts from that either............on occasion when i walk by the can i will give it a good stir, but i dont know if that is really doing anything...........after the first bucket is taken out, i figure all the water is stirred anyways..........I use Prime and Nov-Aqua Plus....capful of each per garbage can.........rarely do i have any disease or parasites in any of my tanks......Its been working for me for over 10 years and until i see an issue with what im doing, i will continue down this same path for water changes
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I have the room actually and since talking to you about it I have
put some thought into it actually...
I dont know though..
I have had a problem with ammonia in my tap water.. so my
brother ( WORKS AT ECO LAB ) has since installed a filtration system
to remove all additives in the water... so now I can have GREAT water
from the TAP.. for my water changes..
I have come across another tank 125 gallon with everything
for $300.00..
think I am going to get it I have been wanting to Raise DISCUS.
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Up Date on Ph levels

I have recently set up a 55 gallon tank that I aquired from a person
not wanting fish any more at a reasonable price (STEAL) lol $60.00 for
any ways.. I thought what better way to experiment with Crushed Coral and Sand.
so I have since set up this 55 gallon tank with just that.. crushed Coral on the bottom
and then SAND as my top substrate... WOW... I should have done this with the 120 gallon tank...
I have posted a new up to date pic of the 120 gallon the tank that one of my momma's
are holding eggs in her mouth... since the 16th of this month...
so I checked again today my PH reading on the 120 gallon.. and I am right at 7.8 now.. WHAT did I do
that was different.. well I added Crushed Coral to the media containers in both of my MARINE LAND filters.
that brought up the PH even more and slowly... to I might add.... so It worked to the point were just
as I was told by another Cichlid breeder when he adds Baking Soda to his tank that starts the BREEDING FURRY .... He swears by it and he must have hit on something.. there cause once I added the Crushed Coral the PH started to go up..... and BAM.... I have a fish thats holding EGGS.....
I really like my 120 gallon it has many plants in it and they are all much to the point
that I have started planting the ones that come off by the fish pulling on them... and they are even doing well.... so all in all...... if your thinking about a Cichlid tank I would strongly recommend using Crushed Coral some were either as a base ( Substrate ) or in the filters, media holders.
IT WORKS..... My PH level out of the TAP is 8.0 and since filling the 55 gallon tank a week ago it has stayed at 8.0
I have now housed 5 bleeding heart tetras in the 55 gallon tank to get it to totally cycle.... when I started the 55 gallon I went out and purchased a NEW Marine Land 350 that uses the Bio Wheels....
I took off the Bio Wheels from my 75 gallon and put them in the 55 gallon to JUMP START the Cycle..
I SWEAR I have had the best luck doing this.. its only been a week and half and I beleive that the TANK has fully cycled... I would recommend this procedure to anyone...
This is however my first tank with sand .... and I must say ( I LIKE IT ALOT.... )
hope you enjoy the pics

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