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Kribs with Platies in 29G tank

I have a 29G tank that I am getting ready to put a pair of Kribs in. I was wondering if I can keep 2 pairs instead of 1 pair...or if the tank can house only 1 pair.
Also, is it possible to keep a few platies in the same tank?
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It depends if your pairs are breeding, if so i wouldnt put anything else with 1 breeding pair except a few dither fish like platy's. Your dither fish will stop the kribs fighting each other whilst caring for the young.
I had a 30 gallon with a pair of kribs and 5 platy's for about 6 months, they bred 3-4 times. I took out the platy's to another tank and left the kribs on there own ..... i woke up one morning to find the male had killed the female.....lesson learned the hard way
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I wouldn't put two pairs of Kribs in the same tank. I also think the dither fish are a good idea. They keep the Kribs from developing paranoia over the fry.
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Thanks guys ! I already have 5 longfin blue leopard danios as dither fish. I got quite a few platies in my 20 gallon tank and was wondering if I can transfer 3-5 in the 29 gallon. Since the platy are baby making machines, I thought the platy fry would supplement the diet for the kribs.
I'll stick to 1 pair of Kribs. I'm glad I asked...for some reason the guy at the local store said I can even keep 5 pairs !
I'm gonna get the Kribs in about 10 days.
Have a good one,
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BTW, I was wondering if cheery barbs can be tankmates with danios and a pair of Kribs. If so, I might just transfer my extra platies to my 10 gallon instead and get cherry barbs
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