Kribensis eggs
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Kribensis eggs

This is a discussion on Kribensis eggs within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> Hey all, i bought a male and female kribensis about a week and a half ago to add to my community tank. i bought ...

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Kribensis eggs

Hey all, i bought a male and female kribensis about a week and a half ago to add to my community tank. i bought them because i knew they would most likely breed and i was really keen on them doing so.
last night i noticed the female had disappeared and after searching around the tank i found her hidden away between a flower pot(which i added for them to spawn in) and a plastic plant. she had dug herself almost under the pot and was guarding about 30-40 yellowish/white eggs! the male spent last night and the first half of today swimming around the pot chasing away every other fish that dared come close, but it seems he's lost interest and has left the mother to care for the eggs on her own.
my question is, how would i know if the eggs have been fertilized or not? this is their first spawn and im pretty surprised that the eggs havent been eaten yet but im not sure if they have been fertilized.
if anyone has bred kribs before (and im sure theres a whole bunch of you!) what was the distinguishing factor between fertilized and sterile eggs?
thanks heaps
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