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Kind of Aquarium Environment for Geophagus Brasiliensis

Hi, I was just wondering what kind of environment I should make for the Geophagus Brasiliensis. Should I have rocks, caves, and plants? Or do they not hide in caves. I also wanted to know if they could be paired with Texas Cichlids. Would it also be a good idea to add another Geophagus along with him?

My Geophagus seems to be very aggressive, and I have no idea how to calm him down. My tank size is only 20 gallons long. I'm still saving up for a 55-60 gallon aquarium, but in the mean time, I need a solution.

He is in the tank with:
1 smaller Green Texas Cichlid (about half or 2/3 his size)
3 black tetras (as distractor fish to diffuse the bullying)

I was planning on buying another Texas Cichlid bigger than the Geophagus, or another smaller one to accompany the small one I already have. Are any of these good ideas?

I bought the Geophagus from a pet store that had him in a 10 gallon aquarium filled with around 10 or 15 gold tinfoil barbs, and he wasn't nipping any of the gold tinfoils. I wanted to duplicate such an environment so he doesn't keep bullying the smaller Texas Cichlid (which doesn't seem too aggressive).

Any help would be much appreciated.
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your tank is too small for the fish you have and a 50 - 60 gal is still too small. the texas and geo will get about 1 foot in size. going to need at least a 100 gal. do some research on the geo, some of them aren't good to keep together.
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