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just starting out suggestions please

i have a 55 gal tank with 1 oscar 1 jaguar 2 convicts and 1 pike. What i am wondering is I have two red belly pacu in a smaller tank( I know they all get pretty big) what size tank should i purchase as to not overcrowd. I live in an apartment so I'm limited to room. I also am wondering if i should just buy a separate tank for the pacu.are all these fish compatible thanks
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Hello Fishman2007

I would maybe suggest sorting out the 55 first. It's a common thing that you have probably heard a thousand times. You are overcrowded. General rule of thumb 1 O = 50g's. Good fiteration is also required, very messy creatures.

The Jag could also probably occupy that space on his own as well, but at a push you could keep the Cons or Pike in there with him. Have you sexed the Cons ?

As far as the Pacu's I would, JMO would keep in a seperate tank.

What sort of space do you have availble in the Flat ?
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Jags easily reach about 16" - a 55gal is much too small for an adult, and definitely not with any tankmates. You might be able to keep the Oscar with one or two cons as tankmates, but you'll have to overfilter your tank and do very regular, weekly, large water changes. So adding a pacu - which will get MUCH too large for the tank anyway - is not a good idea.
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