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im very worried about my bolivian ram

i have 2 bolivian rams.i believe i have a male and female.not 100% sure tho.
ive noticed the female chases the male alot.sometimes hes only swimming past and she will dart at him.some times they liplock too.there is no damage tho and no nipped fins.
well all day today i have noticed the males face and body have gone a little the days gone on it has got darker? is this a sign of stress? will he die?
at the moment he is trying to stay out of her way.but sometimes they will follow each other and swim together nicely.i have had them for 3 weeks.
they live in a 33 gallon long tank.along with 5 harlequin rasboras,8 cardinal tetras & 1 female honey gourami.none of the other fish bother them and they dont bother any of them.the water is fine.i fishless cycled the tank using pure ammonia for 6 weeks.i test the water twice a week and results are always 0 ammonia,0 nitrite, 10 it cant be the water.i keep them at 25c and i feed them once a day.a mixture of kingbritish flakes & pellets.i give them bloodworm once a week.well i think ive told you just about everything
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It could possibly be that the female (if it is that), is old enough to spawn and the male is not.

Observer the behaviour for a couple of days and see what happens. If things have not changed then you may have to remove it to either a separate tank or take it back to the store.

Usually a change of color is either stress or changing into breeding might be that they are pairing up.

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