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identifying cichlid

i thought this fish was a fire mouth cichlid a female but three other people told me that that fish was something else and it was never the same fish so here are some pictures of it and tell me what you think it is
its the one with no red on it the others i know for a fact are fire mouth

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looks to me like a jack Dempsey just bleached out
there colors are better over dark substrate
how big is the tank he is in

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Yep a JD, I find alot of pet stores keep the JDs with FMs you have to look closely in the store to make sure you get what you asked for.
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i have it in a forty gal tank at the moment the fish was that color at the store it has never changed its color so is it a female then? and everyone is in agreement its a jack Dempsey if need i can take a few more pictures just let me know
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Looks like a younger male jack demsey. Females fins tend to be more rounded.

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i have also heard that the fish was a blue acara and a red forest jewel what are the possibles? and how big do they get what size tank will he need when he gets bigger
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blue acara 's don't usually display the coloring that the dempsey has on the gill plate. But it has been a long time since i had a jack . in any event six to eight inches possible for both. 55gal would be needed in my humble opinion.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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Looks like a Jack Dempsey to me. It could be a Texas cichlid though, as they're similar looking when young.

I agree, a 55g would be best long-term. It will also get significantly more aggressive than the firemouths, so watch his behavior as he might beat up on them as he gets bigger.

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male and female firemouths pretty much have the same coloration except for maybe a slight difference in fin shape. thats definitly not a firemouth female.

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hey i, just got a new aquarium, been trying to research on cichlids, then i found this sight (thank god) but, this sight here has a lot of pics of fish, and what u have there is a JD, the sight is
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