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Originally Posted by Twitch View Post
Oh and just as a note. Some of the goldfish feeders coming into our store have had ich. So he is definitely not going into any wild water. He's been with me for about a week now and showing no signs of ich. Should I treat him anyway or just leave him be as long as he isn't showing symptoms?

I think he is a very attractive fish. I looked up some pictures and video of a bluegill sunfish and they are beautiful in my opinion. I did read about the size but I figure I could just increase the tank size as he grows. Though, I did read that they like to swim in schools. Is it necessary to get him other fish to swim with once he gets into a tank that will allow me to add more fish? What species are compatible with him?

Oh and this can be moved to the correct section since he is not a cichlid.
For someone who works in a pet store you should know about breeding etc.????

If there is just one baby Bluegill in there, how the heck is it going to multiply? As for diseases, anyone should quarantine their fish for at least 3 weeks before introducing it into your tank or releasing it thereof. If you do decide to release it, be sure you are not breaking any law with regards to this fish.

Bluegill sunfish may be native to where you live too? Have you considered that? It may live better in a river where it can me food for other fish or a potential mate for another bluegill.

If you want to keep it then that's fine. Taking care of a fish you know nothing about will only result in a very sad fish.

As far as tank mates is concerned, Deacon Cichlids, Convicts and other semi aggressive Cichlids will be Ideal tank mates. Plecos are really the all round fish for any freshwater tank.

These fish should be kept in cooler water than other fish. Feeding is usually similar to Cichlids but the odd cricket or worm will do good to color up the bluegill well.

Hope all goes well.

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I'm pretty sure it is illegal to release fish into the wild like that. Even if he was a wild fish to start out with, we have no way of knowing that. I will provide him with what he needs. That is why I am here asking questions. To learn about what he is and what he needs to be not only healthy, but happy.

And I didn't say anything about breeding? I'm not sure where you read that in my post, but I never mentioned breeding. I only asked if I should get him some other fish to be with in his tank since I read they are a schooling fish. I have no intention of breeding him.

And no, I will not raise him up for food. My husband has already named him, so he is officially a pet.
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Hope he lives. You need not worry about him schooling. They will live alone.

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Thanks. I'm heading up to a LFS today (the largest in the area) to ask them about him. I hope he lives too. He is very interesting to watch and he looks like he will be beautiful when he gets bigger.
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Once again Tankmaster, never ever release tank fish into the wild even if its native(unless its a totally wildcaught tank). It may not show disease, but it very well be a carrier of disease. It may be a disease that particular area of the country has never been exposed to, kind of like when Europeans came to America. Yeah, we are humans and the same species but water kept us separated and Europeans were carriers of disease that the natives never had and we see what happened with that. Rivers do alot of the same when they have no connection to each other and are separated by land. I do not think its legal anywhere in the US to release fish tank fish native or not.

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i know this is a old thread and you may allready know what it is but my .02 cents lol. it dose infact look like a blue gill. they are very hardy fish and iv seen/caught them in some of the nastyest waters you can amagin. they also produce alot of waist very fast. i kept 3 in a 55g tank when i was a kid and yes they are prity if you feed and light them right but they are also very stupid fish for lack of a better description lol. watch your filter as he gets bigger he may get stuck to inlet tube so make sure there is a guard there. also watch for it chargeing the sides of the tank. they see something shiny or their reflection and tend to just dart to that location till the hit lol. i fed mine worms from the garden and other bugs i found and they got to about the size of a average adult hand after 3 or so years. otherwise they are fun to watch and to keep and on a plus side they are friendly so teach it to let you touch it as it gets bigger kinda like a lil water logged dog =P
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This reminds me of a post some while ago: "how many eat your own fish?"

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