I did it this time..now need guidance
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I did it this time..now need guidance

This is a discussion on I did it this time..now need guidance within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> I am one of those animal lovers who has a 10, 45 and soon to set up 75 gallon tank. I think I got ...

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Jack Dempsey
Jack Dempsey
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I did it this time..now need guidance
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Question I did it this time..now need guidance

I am one of those animal lovers who has a 10, 45 and soon to set up 75 gallon tank. I think I got myself into a bit of trouble this morning. I went in for Anacharis
so the new and still coming babies from my 5 guppy females will have cover in the 10 gallon tank. Well.. next to the tank was a female Jack Dempsey Cichlid who was eating all her babies she just had. SO>> The guy gave me a couple of net swipe full of littlins for free. I know I just couldn't stand there and see the massacre
happen. Yes it was at pets mart, and the poor gal was in a barren tank....not good and stress eating her kids. So I just got home and signed on to this forum for help.
I have #2, 3 way breeders that I use ONLY for small plants that break off and start to root but are too small to plant. Since these babes are literally wee ones can I line one of these breeders with netting to use as a baby brooder till these babes get bigger. If I just put them in with the baby makers I am afraid they will get eaten.
The soon to be 75 tank will hold the following:
3 Celebes Halfbeaks
2 peppered Cory Cats
6 Boesemani Rainbows
2 Kribensis
6 Danio. I have the Halfbeaks and planned on buying the others later. So any help would be helpful!!!
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It seems like you do not have a shortage of space or funds for this hobby. This will make it easier to follow my two suggestions. One, find out about your water chemistry and second put fish in the same tank that share the same requirements. Multiple tanks will make it easy to have a wide variety of fish. Putting fish in water that does not support them only leads to stress which in turn causes disease and death.

People on here have vast experience with fish and would be happy to help you. My final suggestion would be to ask more specific questions and not write such an open ended post.

Clear fishing line and non-lead weights make great plant weights. Just cut 5" of line and put a weight on each side on the line. Wrap them around the base of the plant to keep it buried.

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