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how do you combat.........

how do you combat anarobic pockets,when you have
rocks and sand. ??
i would love to use sand,however this has got me thinking,
so if anyone would be kind enough to put their points
across,that would be great.
thanks. :D
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I used gravel and rocks and I remove and disturb the rocks and substrate about every two weeks.

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ah,ok,thank you. :)
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Hi Lainey, to make sure this doesn't happen I rake through the sand with a plastic fork each time I do a waterchange. If I were you I would lift the rocks off the sand slightly and just rake underneath. Hope that helps :)
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hi kate,
i've not got sand at the moment,it's gravel,
i was just wondering really,how you get along.
i guess maybe i'll stick to gravel,and then
i'll not have to worry,as the aquascaping would
be a lot of moving,and i don't want to disturb these,
as i'm trying to break the cycle of the tank being
"the tank of Doom"
guess i'll leave weel alone. :)
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anarobic pockets being pockets of this nasty bacteria?

a definination for those of us who dont know would be apreciated? or a link to a thread even! :D

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Anaerobic:absence of Oxygen.
Organic material decays,and burns up the
available oxygen in that area ie.under rocks,decorations,
undisturbed sections of gravel and/or sand.
these pockets can release the gasses without being disturbed.
However alot of people come across this when cleaning out
the aquarium,and move something that has been in place a long time.
These gasses are toxic,and can suffocate the fish in a matter
of minutes.
Top tip of the day:Aquarium maintenance
Just because your Aquarium looks "clean" does not mean
that it is.
Disturbance of the Gravel/Sand under ornaments is Very important.
i hope this helps,and i apologize for not making it clear
in the beginning. :)
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no problem at all, Im just doing alot of reasearch on fish keeping now and like to know all I can about it.
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