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I'm still new to these fish, too, so I can't say for 100% sure. But most fish gain coloration as they age, from what I've seen, and when they reach the point of sexual maturity, and are looking for a mate, their colors will really start to pop! Your ram looks pale compared to mine (points to avatar), which may just be the photo, but you haven't had him long, so he's likely still settling in. He should gain color as he feels more comfortable with his surroundings, too. . . mine were a bit on the pale side when I first brought them home, but after a few days, they darkened up. As they've grown, they've developed a very vibrant yellow chest, and the blue and orange on their fins is super bright.

Like any fish, I imagine that some have different natural coloration than others, so you'd do best to learn what is 'normal' for your fish, and pay close attention to any changes you see in his coloration. I'm learning that these fish use color to show their moods, as well. They can shift from dark, to striped, to bright, to pale in a heartbeat depending on what's going on around them. They also stress far more easily than the other fish you keep in your community - just something to be aware of! If you learn what's normal for your fish, you'll find that you can recognize when something is amiss. :)

Again, let me stress I'm new at this, too - these are just my personal experiences from spending a lot of time observing the four Bolivians that I keep. . . I have no idea what I'm talking about, except from watching my four and what I've read and been taught by other, more experienced, keepers.
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Do your four all get along? And yes, yours has MUCH brighter coloration than mine has. I take pictures all the time, so I'll be able to tell if his colors change. I did notice that some days he has almost NO eye stripe, and other days, its quite dark. I've had him for almost a week, and his colors have not gotten brighter yet.

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A week isn't long! He'll settle in, give him a month or two. Yes, so far mine get along very well. They've established a pecking order, and all is well. There was a bit of shoving and liplocking in the beginning - still is, a bit, mostly over food. But nothing MEAN or alarming. They still spar, but. . . I can't explain it - it's friendly. Like boys on the schoolyard pushing and shoving. :) Most of the time they're very peaceful, though. We'll see what happens as they age, and *IF* any couples develop. I'm still not 100% certain I've sexed them right, so time will tell. They're still very young!
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My 2 New Additions - Chilotilapia Rhoadesii &Neolamprologus Tretpocephalus

Sorry, meant to create my own thread.

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