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help me identify this fish

Hi all,

I recently moved to a new office in the middle east, where these two fish are kept in a tank that is both dirty and somewhat small. I've endeavoured to lobby for their release and possibly rehabilitate them back into the wild.

Can anyone help me identify what kind of fish these are, as well as where they come from? They're about 20 cm long.

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That's an oscar (Astronotus ocellatus). It's actually a South American fish, so releasing it into the wild would not be a good option, as if it survived, it could cause problems with the ecosystem.

I'd recommend reading up on some more care information for these guys and trying to teach the people at the office how to care for them properly.
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Wow, thanks a lot! Am looking into adopting them. :)
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aww poor oscars. :(
have you got any tanks at home. ?
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Alas, none. But I'll buy one... The size of the tank they're in makes me claustrophobic...
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well good luck,have you been able to find the information
you need for the correct setting for them ?
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I can just see how nasty that water is. :( You'll want a 75-100 gallon tank, go with 100 if you can...may as well make the rest of their lives as comfortable as possible. You might be able to find a really good one on Craigslist with a stand and other stuff too. You'll want heaters for them, sand substrate (they will pick up rocks and spit them at the glass...cute but dangerous), and your best be would be to use a sump filtering system. I've never been able to understand that whole thing so here's a good link to the article someone wrote about sumps:

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I'm really surprised they don't have a nasty case of hole-in-the-head.

Where are you in the middle east? Craigslist has locations for Israel, Lebanon, UAE, Turkey, Egypt, and a Tel Aviv-specific listing.

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Foods with vitamins especially vitamin c and also vegetable matter will no doubt be beneficial.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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