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Help a friend with his Malawi problems

My friend is thinking of making a 75 gal Malawi tank. The only problem is that he does not know how to make one comfortable to the African Cichlids. I told him plants, rocks and sand/small gravel. Is this a good enough tank?

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Rocks for caves.....sand is usually preferred........most cichlids tend to eat plants, but there are a few that usually work out like java fern.......

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Yeah, most plants will get shredded. A good option would be an aragonite sand substrate with huge heaps of slate to make tons of caves. Kind of spartan, but such setups are close to what you see in a lot of Lake Malawi and really make the colors of the fish pop.

Here's a video demonstrating what such a tank can look like:
YouTube - African Mbuna Aquarium

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Plenty of filtration!

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Hope I am not too late, what everyone has said so far is great, but my suggestion is to go with an all male tank. Malawi cichlids are much calmer when there are no females. I have a 75 gallon african tank with all males and so far so good, it'll be a year in January. I couldn't imagine the aggression with a female in my tank.....
With an all male tank you'll have all the color because the males are flashy. And one male per species... I wish I could have a larger tank so I can put more males in it. I love my cichlids!

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That can work, especially if you're keeping only one male per species. Keep in mind that if you have multiple males, in some species the weaker males will adopt female coloration, which can lead to more problems.

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