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Originally Posted by Mating Slinkys
and is it just meor are tanks addictive
My kids brought home a turtle in a cool whip container a year ago. I got him a 10 gallon tank. I now have 10 tanks active, 2 empty, and I am in the process of getting ready to consolidate three small ones into a Larger one and replace the turtle with More Fish!!!!

(But I can stop any time I want. Yeah. It's not an addicition, it's a proclivity. I mean, it's like having all these fish makes me smarter and more creative. Hey, anybody know where I can score a nickle bag of bettas?)

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I know this post has been up a while but you should look into South American peaceful cichlids like the rams. Have you checked out the German Blue Ram? They are my fav from that area. They stay small and are very peaceful fish.
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yeah, i like the blue rams too, although i have been advised against them as apparantly (and correct me if my source is wrong) they aren't very active in the tank, just hiding a lot.
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That would depend on the tank and other occupants. My blue rams always come out and greet me when I go by the tank.
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No, I wouldn't agree with that. As long as they don't feel threatened, and have plenty of hiding places, they are very active.

I have kept blue rams in the past, and found they were one of the most active fish in the tank. They had tons of character, and were always up at the glass looking out at me.

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I also found my rams to be very active when I had them. Just don't keep them with any other territorial fish - that's why I had to give mine away... :(
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post #17 of 21 Old 05-24-2007, 11:50 PM Thread Starter
Sounds like my source was wrong, although i don't know what fish he had them with. Tis a pity that I'm gonna have the Angels in the tank then, i think they come under the heading of territorial... never mind.
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I've heard of people keeping rams and angels together peacefully. When I said territorial, I meant fish that might fight over hiding places with them. I'll explain my situation so you know what I mean:

I had 2 synodintis which had staked a claim on the caves in the tank. There were other hiding places available but the rams wanted the caves. Since the synodontis had already staked their claim, and the rams couldn't have the caves, they resorted to bullying each other and other fish because they felt insecure.

I think the rams would be fine as long as teir hiding places are not challenged. Angels can be territorial but I don't think they're likely to hog a cave.

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Originally Posted by Julie
I think the rams would be fine as long as teir hiding places are not challenged. Angels can be territorial but I don't think they're likely to hog a cave.
They won't however angels are still cichlids therefore the chances of them directing their aggression towards other fish species is still there. They are also predators in nature so watch out for the fish you mix together with them.

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Sweet. Angels and Blue rams... How big do blue rams get, i'd need to manufacture some hidey holes for them out of the spare rock i've got, but i don't really want to clutter up my tank too much.

Also i want a school of about 5-6 Corys, would they be in a load of competition for the same cave sites? Once again thanks for the useful and ever forthcoming advice from everyone.
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