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This is a discussion on going to be african within the Cichlids forums, part of the Freshwater and Tropical Fish category; --> no i def. wanted to stick with just one lake, preferably malawi. and again...i would prefer to stay with themore docile like the yellow ...

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Old 11-16-2009, 08:06 AM   #11
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no i def. wanted to stick with just one lake, preferably malawi. and again...i would prefer to stay with themore docile like the yellow labs....

i will hopefully be getting the tank sometime this week it is a 55gal and im only paying $35.00 for it. my neighbor just wants it out of her house. which means i will be setting it up this upcoming weekend!!!
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Originally Posted by molliefan09 View Post
awesome!! thank you for the advice. this is still a work inprogress as i still need to set up the tank and such.

now....i have never done a fishless cycle....would this be my best bet being that i will be keeping cichlids?

also...the above mentioned cichlids are malawi right??
You could always use some filter material from your 20 gal? to help seed the filter in the tank you are going to set up. This would allow you to (cycle ) the new tank in considerably less time . Of course you will need to feed the bacteria in your new filter by adding a pinch of flake food every other day or,, placing three or four SMALL,SMALL,active fish in the tank and feeding them a pinch of food every other day. If you do not wish to place fish in the tank until mature,or (cycled) then feeding the tank as described a little food(pinch) every other day ,,will keep the bacteria you borrowed from your 20 gal alive and growing. Just something to consider.
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i dud a fish in cycle in my 20....i dont mind getting a couple more mollys or the like to help speed up the cycle process....i am actually looking into getting a couple friends for my male betta tank (still researching) my betta is a pretty docile guy and i think he will fair well with a couple easy going live bearers.....so maybe i will get them to first go inthe 55 to help with the cycle then move them over.
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I have no problems with the auratus. and i have red zebras and yellows toping 6 inchs now they do get that big if taken care of and in larg enogh tanks with enogh hiding places.
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im starting to get a little depressed over this tank because my boyfriend, who is completely ignorent to fish keeping is the one paying for the tank so he wants to beable to stock it.....however his stocking skills pretty much SUCk as he brought home a crab for our tropical community tank because he thought it was cool and the LFS guy told him it wouldnt bother the fish....well i told him it was gonna be an issue....he didnt believe me and within 10 minutes it killed all the fish that were in there.....(this happened a few months ago)
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