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Originally Posted by yippee View Post
Good to know. That is about what i expected. What is a good size tank for breeding the angels? I plan on housing them in a 50 gallon tank regularly, but it would be nice to not have to find room to keep two 50's if possible.
I spawned angels once but it was in the 1980's and I've forgotten most about it; they were in a small tank, but they were a small pair. There are several on this forum with angelfish experience who will know the answer for you. Or you might check out some of the sites that provide info on each species, like Seriously Fish or FishBase. A Google search will identify dozens of sites no doubt.

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Originally Posted by sweetwaterarabians View Post
I did end up adding some new fish successfully and they are all working out perfectly.
I added:

1 Rainbow Shark
2 Male Swordtails
3 Black Skirt Tetras
7 Oto catfish
2 Glow Fish
The rainbow shark might work, and it might not. They can get to be very territorial but they also tend to stick to the lower levels of the tank. So long as you've got a lot of hiding places for the shark to spend its time in, you should probably be ok.

I've heard rumors of swordtails being nippy but I've never seen this myself. They should be fine. If the two don't get along with one another, add a few more or possibly some females (at a ratio of at least two females to each male). They'll breed like crazy but the angel will eat the fry.

The black skirts are a schooling fish and are also known to be somewhat nippy, which could be problematic for the angel. Increasing the school size might help abate the problem but in the end if the tetras are persistent you might have to rehome them.

The otos should be just fine, but sometimes they can be so picky that the only thing they'll eat at all is algae. You can try things like algae wafers but if those don't work, you might need to use greens like spinach or even keep a rock in a bowl of water by a window and grow algae for them to eat.

The GloFish should probably be ok, but might be a little too frantic for the angel. They're also schoolers and should be in a group of at least six. If you don't want to shell out the money for more expensive GloFish, you could just add some standard zebra danios (GloFish are genetically modified zebra danios, but the fish don't know the difference and they'll school together).

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try keep it wi8th anything that is fast, doesnt have long fins that will get nipped and/or eaten, and definately not small enough to fit in their mouth. hope this helps

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catfish rule , get some catfish
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