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Anyone here ever kept these guys? Wondering how nice of a fish they are and if they can be kept in a larger community by themselves?
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They are very nice looking fish I have always wanted to keep one but don't have a tank capable to holding them. Alot of people have said that they are peaceful with alot of other fish including angels, but you need to watch them once they start to get hungry. Also you will need a setup of 30 gallons at a minimum. Good luck with these if you end up getting them post some picture for us all to see :D
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Check out tophat's Festivum tank:

Festivums for the Rest of 'Ums - 55 gallon Freshwater fish tank

I know he's a busy guy but maybe a PM to him to chime in on this thread? He knows alot about Festivums. Very cool fish, IMO. I was told they can be kept in a community tank. I would have went with them for centerpiece fish for my display tank but couldn't find any near me locally.

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Thanks for the replys.
@eatmysox - If i get some I will def post pics.
@aunt kymmie - I may do that.
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