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Electric Blues

I have had a few successful tanks in the past but not for many years and decided it is time for me to return to the hobby. I recently bought a 40 gallon tank and have been looking up fish compatibility. My all time favorite fish are Electric Blue Rams. From what I have found they are relatively peaceful fish and I was wondering if they would work well with Penguin Tetras,Scissortail Rasporas, and/or Tiger Barbs. If not, any suggestions would be appreciated.
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They are my favorite as well - the fish you listed will get along great with your Electrics. Basically - they are just German Blue Rams - that have been modified by man.

Warning though - these fish are incredibly hard to keep and really expensive. Make 100% certain your tank has been cycled and perfectly maintained. The slightest stress kills them off. Very very fragile fish. But Wow!

I cant wait to find more - as now my Rams are doing great - so when i find a place that sells them in Montreal Canada - i am trying again :)
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No tiger barbs because they do nip fins, and with electric blues, I heard that it was hard to find a female or vice versa. If you need to know how to sex them I can tell you, also any other info you need. No angel fish or other 'flashy' fish should be kept with them because they will fight due to the lack of space.... A very large tank is needed to keep angels, bettas, etc. or another pair of EBRs

38 gallon :
Pelvicachromis Taeniatus Nigerian Red not yet breeding pair
4 Pangio Kuhli
12 Hemmigrammus Bleheri
2 Botia Lohachata
1 Botia Straita
1 Ancistrus Sp.
6 Poecilia Reticulata

The Wet Spot Portland Oregon!!!!!!

ADA: Do!aqua Iwagumi 10 gallon size!
7 Clown Killies
7 Ghost shrimp
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