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Arrow Dominant angelfish now hiding?

Long post, so skip to the text past the === for the actual question if you don't want the background.

I currently have 4 angelfish. All are beyond dollar-coin size but still no where near body-wise as an adult. Note, the names are of Jewish angels.

Metatron - Largest body, tall fins. Coloration and appearance seem to indicate there is some Altum in him.

Sandalphon- Largest overall, medium body, enormous flowy fins. Probably super veil genetics. He's marble but almost completely black.

Sachiel - Smaller than the first two. Also probably super veil. Marble, but mostly black as well.

Ramiel - Smallest of them, extremely short fins that are beginning to curve like a sickle. His body is the same as Sachiel's but his fins are very short. He's my oldest angel and hasn't grown much at all. I know he eats like a pig, so I don't know why.



Metatron has been since they reached maturity the dominant angel within the tank. He chases the others away when they are eating. The other fish avoided him during feeding time, and often other times as well because he seemed prone to random chase-ings.

Today I went to feed them and I noticed he was hiding at the bottom under the centerpiece log decoration. His fins are clamped, which is something I have never seen before as he always held them perfectly straight. He wouldn't come out to eat and as such only got the tiniest of proportions.

The other three were eating freely, with Sandalphon moving around unhindered. He passed Metatron looking for food at the bottom. They just ignored each other, though I swear Metatron backed up some when they made eye contact.

Water parameters are perfect.

So what do you guys think is going on?

I'm thinking either Sandalphon or a Triumvirate of the 3 ousted Metatron as dominant fish.

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sounds like he is sick i would check in the dieases section
clamped fins and loss of appitite and i suppose lathargy are all simtoms i just can remember what disease off the top of my head

i have a dog named fish

30g long

55g -planted

125g 4ft long octagonal


10g hospital
-empty- :]

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Originally Posted by brokenrules69 View Post
sounds like he is sick i would check in the dieases section
clamped fins and loss of appitite and i suppose lathargy are all simtoms i just can remember what disease off the top of my head
I agree.

He could have been kicked off the alpha chair and got stressed and is now sick from it OR what i think is more likely is that he got sick and is just hiding.

If you can, you should place him in a hospital tank ASAP. The other fish might start going after him if they think he is weak. You want to give him his own space and area to recover. Mainly so he can recover and not be killed. Another great reason to do this is if he is infected with anything it will keep the other fish from contracting it.

best of luck and I hope he gets well soon!
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