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The Discus Tank

What other fish can be kept with Discus (and tolerate the warmer temps)? I'm thinking my future tank is going to be a Discus tank, looking at 90 gallons.

Are there cories that are more tolerant to warmer water?

Which are better tank mates --scalare or altum angelfish?

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I have my cory's in a warmer tank, haven't had any problems
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Altums will often be the better tankmates as they are quite slow-moving compared to the scalares who tend to eat like pigs.
On the side note, altums are quite susceptible to disease so you may have to monitor your tank water.

If you want some schooling fish, I'd go with tetras. Cardinals, rummy-nosed tetras, diamonds and emperors are a few I can recommend. Harlequin rasboras would also fit nicely.

As for cories, depending on the species, some will prefer warmer temps. I've seen sterbais as the most common tankmates for discus so you might give that a go.:)

By the way, if you really must keep altums, pls avoid the cardinals, harlies and rummies. Altums have very big mouths compared to the scalares. No matter how big those schooling fish are, they'll end up being eaten by altums. Scalares, on the other hand, will get along perfectly well with those fish.

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rams are nice
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Tetras.... best tankmate for a discus.
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