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Discus Help!

does anyone one know any other fish that live with discus's(instead of angels, i dont really like angels)

any help would be greatly appreciated ;)
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A lot of fish are compatible with discus as long as they tolerate high temps.
My suggestions:
Cardinal tetras, diamond tetras, lemon tetras, beacon tetras, Congo tetras, scalare angelfish, altum angelfish, bristlenose, apistogrammas, rummy-nose tetras, cories, etc..

I don't keep cories though but I keep 10 kuhli loaches. I have them for almost 7 months already.:)
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My tank temps are kept at 82° F, no probs with the discus, as you can see with my discus hand feeding videos, or any other fish.

I have clown loaches in my tanks, along with harlequin rasboras, praecox rainbow, Boesamani rainbow, angel, cories, otocinclus, and a L014 gold nugget.
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I'm not sure of the temperature tolerance, but discus seem peaceful and at fish stores I have seen them kept with silver dollar fish, and it looks very nice.

You know what the definition of hobby is: something of interest that is going to cost you lots of money!
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I have Rummy noses with mine.
It looks awesome AND if the water quality is bad, the rummynoses color fades so you have a warning.
They make a great live warning system to protect your discus... 8)

Fish have taken over my house. I threw away my couch to make room for another 125 gallon.
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