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Discus Breeding - First eggs


I have a discus tank and low and behold, I see eggs on the intake tube for my Fluval.

Problem is, I have lots of fish in the tank, what should I do should the eggs hatch? They will not be in a safe environment.

Also, should the eggs not hatch, should I clean them off? How?

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Um, I believe the fry will eat the egg sacs, so don't clean them up. As for safe environment, as far as I know it's quite difficult to feed them off of anything other than their parents slime coats. So unless you have another tank to move the eggs and parents to, or to move out all the other inhabitants, it's probably best to just leave them and see if any survive?

I've never bred discus myself, so this is just what I've read. But I do read a lot!
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Thanks for the info.

I know not to separate the fry from the parents, but I can't move them as the eggs are on the filter intake. I can't turn the filter off either...

I will go out tomorrow and get a sponge filter so I can turn it off, but is it safe to net the parents with the fry and move them? Will they even survive the tankmates long enough for me to do it?
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Spawning isn't the hard part, raising the fry is the challenge. The parentswill feed the young for a couple of weeks via their slime coat. you will need to then feed infusoria and baby brine shrimp.
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I think the first day will be the hardest for them as they are not going to hatch into a good environment. I have a planted tank with Discus, neons, a couple of blue rams, otos, khulis, etc.

I fear they will be tetra food long before they get a chance. And I am afraid to turn off my filter, yet it is too strong for fry....unless thier parents are smart enough to sense the danger and lead them out of it...

If only I had known they were pairing up, I could have set up a 29 gallon tank I have in storage...

Anyway, it now looks like a failure as 5 eggs have turned white, I hear that means they were not fertilized, so maybe there isn't a pair, just a female that laid eggs...
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It takes practice, a lot of times the first few spawns are not properly fertilized.

Just for reference, you probably could have gotten a replacement intake tube fairly easily. So you could have taken the current intake tube off and moved it, and then replaced to tube with one that hadn't been spawned on.
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