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Thanks Arash,
I now have 6 discus about 2" including the bully which is half inch larger. Also there are the two angels plus one bristlenose ancistrus. I intend to add 12 cardinal tetras. That will be the lot. I have good aeration from back of tank creating good water disturbance at surface with gentle fitration. There is only gentle water movement.
I feed as you suggest, 2-3 times a day, little each time with tetra flake and a variety of frozen food for discus. Temperature is 82f. I change 25% when I notice nitrate, amonia or Ph on increase. I test every other day.
silent world

Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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that sounds good.

but be ware (some people belive that the angels have some disease when they are near by)
I do not mean that the real reason is the angels are more aggressive than discus and when it is the time you feed your fishes the angels get more food and this will make your discus weak slowly ( if the angels get bigger than your discus). if they grow bigger try to change them.

and feeding:

2 to 3" need 3 or 4 times a day
3 to 4 need 2 or 3 times a day and
at last bigger than 4" about 2 times a day.

more important than feeding is the water quality .
in your tank every thing is good but remember after the cardinals don't add any other fish and let your fishes enjoy their place.

the time you thought you can keep more try to enlarge your tank size
Good luck

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silent world

Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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I have a 55gallon Discus tank myself, bare bottom, and I noticed alot of aggression in the beginning too, what I did was to over stock the tank. I know, I know, I shouldn't over stock them. but I had 12 discus in there ranging in size from 1in to 5in, this put an immediate end to the aggression, they became a group, not even the little ones got picked on. but now my fish are getting bigger and I am going to sell 3 of them back to the LFS to make room. hopefully by now they are comfortable enough with each other to not start fighting again when the population decreases.

good luck! My Discus are my favorite fish! with my paired angels coming in second.
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Hi, AF_medic,
Thanks for that,. Your idea seems quite novel, but I found it very interesting and seems to make sense

I love the discus too! I am hoiping they will settle down as time goes on.
Silent world

Respect those wise enough to ask for our advice.
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