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dirty charcoal like specks on Electric Yellow lab

One of my yellow labs appears healthy otherwise has some (dirt-like) spots /specks on both sides of him. Anyone seen this before or know what it could be? He acts fine and feeds normally. It looks similar to the spotting on the nose most of the fish have.
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Sounds pretty normal. But you know what they say...pics or it didn't happen.
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I have pics but when trying tio upload them, I dont have a way to reduce the size. Im using a Mac, and I don;t know how to reduce the size of a file inorder to meet the requirements to upload pics. with windows, I'd just use the Paint tool and shrink the picture by 50%-80%. Easy!! Any suggestions?
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Load the pics up to photobucket then paste it here.
No, thats not really normal. What are you feeding them?
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Agent 13, I'll try creating a photobucket account tonight and uploading pics.

I've only fed them New Life Spectrum Cichlid pellets. Occasionally I'll give them dried algae squares, but thats like once/twice a month.

I don't think its anything to do with their diet, this only occurs on one or two of the fish, the other 6 seem fine.
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You can upload them to imgur.com as well. You don't need an account, and there's a resize option in there somewhere if you dig around.

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Sorry for the delay, finally uploaded some pics and resized them as advised by Austin

Ayone have any ideas what the "dirt" like marks could be?

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Spirulina spots most likely. Your foods are fine but maybe too much each feeding ?
I'd try to add zuchinni into their diet. Just clip a fresh spear onto the aquarium glass and then feed a bit less of the pellets and fast them 1 day a week.
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Agent 13,

I typically only feed 1 time a day, in the evening when I get home for work, I feed them bout as much as they can eat in a minute. Do you think thats too much?

I was also curious as to why it really only shows on one or two fish? Could it be stress related?

I will try the zuchini, and fasting them one day a week:)

its kinda hard to make sure everyone eats, theres one or two larger fish that are like vacuums, and so I have to kind of put a lot in, to make sure the other fish that dont eat as aggressively get some pellets. But again the food is all consumed in about a minute.
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yellow lab dirty

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