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Convict Pair Aggression

I need to know if this behavior is "normal":

I have a breeding pair of black convicts in a 55gal tank. The male is 3.25" and the female is 2.25". They spawned about four weeks ago and have apparently consumed all of the fry as of 10 days ago. The only other tank mate is a 2" pleco and he is not being harassed.

Today, the male has been chasing the female all over the place until she ends up exhausted in the top corner of the tank barely moving. When I turned off the lights the male left the female alone. As soon as I turned the lights on, the male went on another rampage so the lights are off again. After about an hour and a half of lights out they are swimming around nicely together and the female ate when I fed them.

I think the male is trying to badger the female into "the mood" but I am afraid he is going to end up single before too long. TIA for your help!
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Remove the male and place him elsewhere. He is ready to spawn and the female is not. Return him to the tank in 2-weeks after conditioning the female.
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Thanks herefishy! I will do that. Things seem to have calmed down a bit but I think a seperation period will do the female good.
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I've never liked removing the male from the breeding tank. Doing that removes him from owning that territory and the female might not take the male back. I've always had an area in the tank that the male can not get to using physical barrier so she can have a safe zone. It can be difficult to do with fish as small as yours but it keeps the bond between the pair and still keeps the female safe.
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That's good to know. I actually haven't removed him yet because they seem to have settled down and are making a new nest in the sand. I am going to buy some eggcrate so I can seperate them if/when it happens again. Thanks for the info!
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