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convict cichlids??

First of all, Hi guys I am Tanner, I'm new.
I used to do saltwater tanks until that started getting to costly and it just didnt intrest me anymore.

Now my buddy has given me a 30 gallon aquarium, with some Convict Cichlids in it, and I am pretty sure it is horribly overstocked. So i plan on selling some.

My question is, what is the suitable amount of Convicts you should house in a 30 gallon aquarium.

And is there ANY, ANY kind of other fish at all that can be put in with the convicts. I would think just convicts could get boring.


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I just realized i posted this in the Saltwater section, not freshwater. I'm stupid, sorry ! :(

someone please move post?


Thank you :)

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You're welcome! :)
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They are not convicts, they are bumble bee's. you can check out the pic's under Topic pic's here in the cichlid page. Very nice looking fish, but they have a little aggresiveness to them. You could put in some othere african cichlids. Such as red zebras, or yellow labs, or kennyi's ect. there is a few to name...... But in a 30 gallon i would leave it for the fry (baby fish) tank and get a 55 or larger for the adults......... Disregaurd this mes there was sum confusion. lol

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Yeah haha ok. I am getting a pair of bumble bees from my buddy , which were in the other pic. But i am also getting convicts in a 30 gal. tank, which is what this threads about
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ok. You are wanting to add more fish to your 30 gallon with the convicts?....... If so i wouldnt recomend it. The convicts breed like rabbits. I would maybe rehome them and get some other kinds of fish like a few dwarf african, or some tetras ect, or just leave them in the tank to there selfs.
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Ill probably just leave them then, and i cant even put any inverts in there ey? just get eaten probably
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Snails mabe. I know my africans eat the heck out of them tho. Good luck sorry to bounce you around with the threads. lol What size tanks do you have?
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well i have a 50, but its full, so im getting a 40 gal tank from my OTHER friend so i will have 1 empty 40 gal and 1 empty 30 gal
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I see. You have a lot of room for ideas. lol I have that thing called to many tanks to and alot of ideas. but the African cichlids got me by the hook. lol Best of luck to you. I would keep 3 convicts in the 30gallon 1 male 2 females rais the fry sell them to the lfs, for some store credit. if they would let you.
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