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Cics in a 20G

What kind of Cic's could I place in a 20G Aquraium? I am interested in African Cics, but I am open to all suggestions. I have been looking at Rams and Kribs, and I am decently interested in them.

Is there any way I could place Anglefish in a 20G (Not high)? I doubt it, but my LFS sells them decently small (about 2"), so I figured I could get 2-4 small ones and have them pair off. I just don't know if I could fit them in a 20G Long.


-How many Kribs could I place in a 20G? Rams?
-Other Cic suggestions?

I really want Cics, so I am open to any ideas.
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Angels and rams are South American rather than African.

That aside, I'd definitely not put angels in a 20g, especially since it's long rather than high but it just dosn't give them enough swimming sace, even if it was tall enough.

A trio of rams or kribs (im, 2f) should be OK. I would add nothing more than that.

Many people may sugegst simply a pair but i founf that with the kribs especially, thy are quite eager to breed and the male tends to harass a sinle female too much.
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A pair of goby cichlids. Some say they require a 30 hallon tank. However I am breeding them in a 20 long. They are not very active. They trend to hop around instead of swimming like other fish.
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Julidochromis Transcriptus, Altolamprologus Compressiceps (Sumbu Shell variety), Lamprologus meleagris. Those are a few of the Tanganyikan Cichlids that would do well in a 20. There are a few others, mostly the smaller shell dwelling species.

As for the Malawi Cichlids, I wouldnt really recommend more than a pair of Labidochromis caeruleus in a 20g Most of the Malawian species will either outgrow the tank, or become to aggressive and/or territorial.

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