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My recommendations based on your statement in the original post stating you love your cichlids would be to get rid of everything but the cichlids, unfortunately as Taz stated the Mbuna are best kept with their own species and this poses a problem for your peacocks.

You'll unfortunately have to do some picking and choosing, 15 Mbuna in a 50G is pushing the boundaries but is completely doable with proper water care, I do recommend downsizing to about 10-11 though if possible.

Keeping just the Mbuna are about the best option for you at this point, the pleco will also be perfectly fine in the aquarium with the Mbuna.

Good luck.

75G FW Community planted
65G FW Mbuna tank
50G FW Mixed Cichlid
33G Reef Tank

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The tank being a bowfront corner tank is not suitable for 15 fish, to keep that many in a tank like that would lead to dead fish. In fact in all reality it is not suitable for cichlids at all, cichlids need the space of a long tank, not a bow front.

There is one fish in your album (fish #3) which is an extremely aggressive, territorial guy, the Blue Johanni (Melanochromis cyaneorhabdos), this guy alone will stress the entire tank out when he is older. Not to mention he has the capability of killing everything in that tank. I would highly recommend you get rid of this guy.

Picture #7, 10, 11 - all need to go as they will simply grow too big for the tank.
7 is a young Placidochromis Milomo, I am 100% certain of this as it is exactly what my babies looked it. These guys are slow growers so they would be good for 2 years max before they needed a bigger tank.

10,11 - Are both Nimbochromis Venustus as I thought, these guys get to 10" and if fed right can attain this in under a year.

2,4,5,6,9 - could stay in the tank, but not all together, mixed bunch of the convict, peacocks and #5 which could be a few fish (cannot identify it properly as it is a bit young yet)

Pick which fish you prefer out of them all with the exception of the big ones and we can try and help work out a stocking that will be the most successful.

10g Fry / Hospital / QT tank (as needed)

75g Saltwater Reef, Ocellaris Clownfish, Lyretail Antias (baby), Lemon damsel, Longtail Fairy Wrasse, purple dottyback, snails, crabs and a few LPS corals.

220g Still sitting empty (come on Lottery I need the numbers to come up!)
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Im guessing I'm most likely wrong but think its Placidochromis
'Electra blue'
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So a week down the line and things have really improved with water changes. no more surfacing! :)
gonna make the move and part with the Barbs and Black widows! i'm guessing the further down the road we get that the different colours and sizes just dont belong together which is a pity :(
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