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I've seen the Electric Blue variant. I've seen some really good looking ones, but considering how expensive they are compared to regular Dempseys, I think I'm going to avoid them because I've also seen some pretty deformed ones and have read that they aren't as long-lived. I don't want to shell out a ton of cash for a fish with some sort of crippling deformity. Plus, I really like the idea of keeping a fish that occurs naturally in the wild. It's like keeping a wolf instead of a German shepherd, you know?

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I understand. When I was a teenager I had a jack that I bought as a juvenile approx. two inches. He very quickly out grew the twenty gal. that I kept him in and thus MTS began. I was never able to house anything with him that he didn't just kick the snot out of. He would however take pellets from my hand with lightning speed which very much amused my friends and me. I once put my GI joe with sea sled in his tank to see what would happen. after a moment or two of observation the jack promptly attacked both the GI joe and the sea sled. I had to rescue poor Joe before he was tore limb from limb.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.
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as a side note:

you could get away with an all male peacock tank...overstock SLIGHTLY but the smaller peacocks tend to be fairly peacefull as long as theres only males in the tank, and unlike many of the other cichlids, male peacocks do NOT need females present to show full color.

you could do a nice small group of smaller male peacocks in a 55. and get alot of color and personality without the agression common in the others in that group!
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