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Cichlids in 29 gallon

I was wondering what cichlids would work best in my 29 gallon. I realize I could only have a few, but i love them and their personalities!
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A pair of Bolivian rams/blue rams or a trio of apistogrammas (one male and two females). Tetras, otos, cories and pencilfish make fine additions as well.

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I can't recommend kribensis enough. My pair are the most interesting fish I've ever owned. Mine have thrived and bred in a 20g community tank that's probably overstocked and are raising fry at the moment.
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Since neither of the other two asked the question I will. What type of cihlids are you looking at? African, South American, Central American, Rift Lake? Cichlids are the largest family of fish in nature and for anyone to give you answer, one needs to know what you are looking for. Did you happen to see a fish somewhere that sparked your curiosity?
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Malawi if possible? But whats more important to me is that the fish is happy and that they can thrive in a 29 gallon...thx 4 all the help already
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The first two replies, Lupin's suggestion is from South America and iamntbatman's suggestion is a West African riverine cichlid.

The Malawi cichlids reach around 4" at maturity. They are pugnacious and territorial making a 29g tank awfully small, even for a small group. One could start them out in a 29g as juveniles and later move them to larger quarters as the mature. If you decided to go this route, I would begin buying equipment for the larger tank now. This spreads the cost out over time and makes the "sticker shock" of a larger tank less extreme.

Don't let anyone in one this, but I started my cichlidphelia out the same way in 1978. lol Malawian juvies in a 29g tank. The next move was to a 90g about 6-8 months later.
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