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Have you given dwarf puffers any thought? (instead of cichlids)

And I would be careful adding fish with cichlids... even nice friendly cichlids can get super aggressive during mating...
And neons might be a nice snack for cichlids... (they're so skinny, even a small cichlid of breeding age could slurp one like a spaghetti noodle.

IMO I'd just have cichlids as the only "fish" in the tank. Many algae eaters with nocturnal tendencies would eat the eggs while the protective parents are asleep...

Maybe something like CPOs could work...

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^^ genius

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Aww that's a shame the neons and cichlids would have looked really nice together! I have actually thought about dwarf puffers but I read they can be very aggressive. What are CPOs?
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Cherry barbs would probably be ok. Corydoras do like to live in shoals. In a 17g, you could probably have the pair of kribensis, 4-5 corydoras and a school of 6 or so smallish (though I agree not too small - something like neons might get eaten by kribs) tetras, barbs, rasboras, etc.

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Well I went completely off track and ended up getting a ruby shark lol. I have put my 5 golden cloud White mountain minnows and a female betta in with him, they are fine so far but I plan to keep a close eye on them!
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dwarf cichlids would has been my personal experience with pelvicachromis taeniatus (close cousin to kribs) and with nannacara anomola (golden dwarfs) that they do not like corys all that much. they will chase them around and do not like other fish occupying the bottom of the tank with them.

also, if they spawn they will likely get very nasty and you may be forced to relocate some fish. if it were me i would probably just have a pair and try to breed them. if you wanted some others, i would avoid bottom-dwellers and maybe go with a schooling fish like danios or cardinal tetras
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when i posted i didnt see that you had added a ruby shark. i have always known them as rainbow sharks, but it is the same thing. anyway, i think you will have trouble with one of those in a 17-gallon. they usually require 50 gallons+. it will probably get nasty with any other fish you add to that tank. i would take it back before it kills your betta

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Hey thanks for the comments. I am currently saving up for around a 60 gal (another thread) which will house the ruby shark in the next few months. He is very small at the moment and I plan to put any fish he starts harrassing back into my community tank (29 gal).
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