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Cichlid Tank Filtration advice needed

Hello Friends,

I am planning to change my 55 g tank to a cichlid home. It was a freshwater community tank. i moved to a new apartment and thought this time I will go with cichlids. I am now little confused with filtration need. My understanding is that to keep a Mbuna group, it is always better to overstock, thus requiring to go with additional filtration. Right now I have a DIY trickle filter that uses a 425 GPH pump and a 300 GPH AquaClear power filter. I am doing an under gravel jet that uses a 225 GPH motor. I am thinking about converting the intake pipe of that motor to a sponge filter type too. Should I add a canister filter? I know there is nothing like "over filtration" but still am I thinking too much? I thought about building a DIY canister filter using two 4" pipe that can hold a total of 14 litres of filter media, with a 210 GPH motor. But the cost of building that goes over $100. I can get a canister filter under that price rage. Any thoughts?
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I would buy a filter rather than make one for sure.

Since you want to do an African tank I'll direct someone here who knows about them.

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Yes... Overstocking is a must with Mbuna. Also minimum of 10x turnover rate.
As Jaysee said .. I also advise against making your own canister. You can find sales on really nice ones online . Sure.. I do think a canister is a great idea for your tank.. However I'm not so sure the under gravel jet is.. Since I don't use that I'm unsure if they can work with sand substrate.. Your mbuna will REALLY want sand and you will find at times they'll dig all the way to the bottom. So if you were thinking gravel.. You'll want to switch that to sand. Also I'd add a powerhead to create a nice current. You don't want it to conflict with the currents your filters are making so you'll want to plan placement all carefully . They are strong fish that thrive in turbulent ocean like waters ... High oxygen and rough current . You'll find them most happy when you give them a setting very similar to where they are from.

Aside from that.. Good luck!! Ask all the questions you want to .. As these fish have such specific care. You'll love them I'm sure
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Moving this thread to the cichlid section.

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