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and ghost shrimp will be a snack as i imagine the frogs would..
(Zues {my bumble bee mouthbrooder i had} loved ghost shrimp didnt give em to often to him though) one thing about mouthbrooders is they can change colors almost instantly to almost black almost as they wish... I read of a theory that they eat Catfish Eggs as a major part of their diet although i read of it and it is a theory so i am unsure of this info..

btw herefishy here is the post with the pics in it

'edited' ok just re googled them and i found sites saying maximum 4 inches to maximum 8 inches i might have had a mis ID :S sry
still curious as to what type of cichlid i had then.. the pet shop guy also thought he was a bumblebee but then again he said he was one of the biggest he had seen... ( though when he moves fish they are normally juviniles)

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Originally Posted by BillyVille
This is probably going to be the dumbest question you have ever heard but Im really a noobie and I wanna ask questions before I do something. But can I have a dwarf frog and ghost shrimp with cichlids? sorry if Im getting on your nerves.
hay there :)
there are no dumb questions,the best thing you can do is to ask,then
you won't have upset if if goes wrong.
i had shrimp in with my cichlids,and they lasted arond 10 mins. :(
the mabuna carry the young in their mouths which
make then very interesting to watch,and as Herefishy says
lots of nooks,caves ect,that will also make good hiding places for the young
when they are released from the mouth.
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Thanks for all your replys!
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As the others I would go for African cichlids only without mixing them with any different kind of fishes.

I would use as a substrate reef sand that would help you without any effort to get the PH needed for your future fishes.

Contrary to Willow I would use power filters (marineland Penguin 350B with bio-wheels two of them should be sufficient and really less expensive than the Eheim fluval system).

If you really want to put your fish in the best living conditions I would go for a real home made background in the tank using Styrofoam (write DIY aquarium background on the net and you will find several good ideas for your future 75 gallons aquarium here is an example

As the other I would go for the biggest aquarium if you can afford it.

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i would deffinately get the biggest tank you can afford money and space wise. like the others said i would get african cichids. they are colorful and fun to watch. what ever you chose have fun!
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