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post #11 of 25 Old 02-15-2008, 09:22 PM Thread Starter
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Here is some of the fish im considering for my new tank....

6 clown loach
angel cichlid
atlum angel
electric yellow
fire dragon discus
fire mouth
blue peacock
electric blue
synodontis decorus catfish

It is possible to have one of each of these?
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Bumblebee mouthbrooders get 10inches for males and are the bossiest fish ive ever seen... there are tales on some sites of them literaly pickying at a pleco till it was so scared it wouldnt move then when i died them pickying them clean to the bone..

although mine was a body guard while i had him... he protected a 7 inch bala shark and kept a powdered blue from moving out of his corner..
They are very Personable fish though would even through rocks at people when he was hungry and mad.. (bagging him up to take him to a better home he hit me in the cheek with a pebble out of his tank and had 5 more in his mouth he spat around in his bag...

i like the bumblebee just not a comunity fish and would have to be with durable fish

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Thanks for the info, so its a no go for the bumble bee! Think the rest will work?
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If you want to keep African Cics, get the South American ones out. This means the Angles, Discus, and Rams.
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just curious why cant you mix the two kinds?
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number of reasons including PH differences and the fact that they will probably end up killing each other.. just as must people think u shouldnt even mix afericans from different lakes...

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A 10" crabro? That would be one for the books!! The biggest one I have ever seen went about 6". I have one about the same size that is about 5 years old. He is no more aggressive than any of his 65 or so tankmates. All African cichlids can be pugnacious and even get nasty, especially during breeding.

As I said in my prior post, if you want color, get the mbunas. You named a few. Stay clear of the Tropheus duboisi and the Tropheus moorii. These fish are very specialized feeders and cannot take any high protein matter. Strictly veggie eaters. Any protein will cause death. You are going to be severely limited with a 55g tank. Even a 75g is not going to support a large quantity of cichlids. I would pick about 3-4 species, and select a male and (2)females of each. Even then, your tank will be a tad over stocked, especially when these fish reach maturity.

The reason Africans and South Americans should not be mixed is the need completely different water chemistry and food. SA's are usually a soft water fish, low pH, and acidic water. Africans, on the other hand, need high alkaline, high pH conditions. Africans also come from a, basically rocky, open water biotope. SA's come from planted, submerged wood areas. This is a generality, there are exceptions.

Decide on whether you are going to keep SA's or Africans. Then, stock your tank accordingly. You may want to get a book on cichlids at your local fish store and research the subject.
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im confused?? Out of my list of fish I made out can you list the ones that I can have in the same tank? And is there any place that has really good deals on tanks?
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This is probably going to be the dumbest question you have ever heard but Im really a noobie and I wanna ask questions before I do something. But can I have a dwarf frog and ghost shrimp with cichlids? sorry if Im getting on your nerves.
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I myself had an 8 inch male after his growth was stunted after years of being in a tank just to small for him.... everything i read about him ( i got him for free without any knowledge of what he was) said he would be at the very least the boss of the tank (wich he was) if u look to around august area on this forum u will c 2 threads with his pics in them him and his tank mates make a 29 gallon look much smaller do to the smallest one was a 5 inch powdered blue...

i only spoke of him on the list because of the experience (though short) i had with mine.

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