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Originally Posted by adpierin11 View Post
I actually do 10x the gallons. Example: 75 gallon, with 400gph and 350gph filters. So every hour my filters are filtering 750 gallons.
The "recommended" amount I was talking about is about 5x the gallons, so yours is about twice the recommended amount. My Jack Dempsey tank is filtering about 15x the gallons. With messy cichlids, the more the merrier.

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Originally Posted by iamntbatman View Post
With messy cichlids, the more the merrier.

I am just afraid he is cycling the tank with those cichlids, I don't like that idea. What do you think?

75 gallon
1 pleco
1 OB Peac0ck
1 Yellow Lab
1 Blue Peac0ck
1 Greshakei
1 Red Peac0ck
1 Acei
1 Chailosi
1 Flameback
1 Rock Kribensis

20 gallon
2 female bettas
6 emerald green cories

2 dogs Diesel and Hummer!
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Ok so here is my update. It's been just over a week now since I got my fish and all seems to be ok. I did have a problem with my filter and I think it may just happen again. The flow back into to the tank seems to slow down. The first time it did this it was about a trickle. I don't know what happened but I ended up restarting it (after pulling it apart) and it worked fine after. Now it seems to be slowing again. Can anyone help?? It's an Ehiem brand.
Also, can my fish change colours? Like a defense thing? One of my electric blues tends to go quite pale. It's not often that he is a nice dark blue. Apart from that he seems fine. Feeds well, swims well and they all get along really well. No fighting. They all seem to huddle in the same spot. Very cute!!

So if anyone can help please do!

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Not a great picture but you can just see the fish in question on the right bottom. A big difference to the other blue one. It's pretty obvious which fish I am on about in the other photo's. Keep in mind also that this fish is larger than the others too, but they are get along perfectly.
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If the filter is malfunctioning the oxygen levels in the tank is decreased this can stress the fish. When fish arre stressed it is not uncommon for their coloration to change. Elevated ammonia and or nitrites can also stress the fish and at levels high enough can kill. Test your water with a quality test kit such as the API freshwater master kit. Strip type tests are wholly inaccurate. Don't add any more fish, don't clean the gravel or replace the filter material (ie) sponges pads etc. just rinse the pads or sponges in old aquarium water that you take out during the water changes that will be necessary if you wish to keep your fish alive. Ammonia levels of 0.5 or more would indicate time for a water change of 10 to 20 percent. You chose to cycle the tank with fish so close attention to water parameters is needed for their survival. Do read up on cycling a new aquarium and feed fish sparingly ONCE a day until your tank has cycled or matured to the point where ammonia levels are 0 nitrite levels are 0 and some detectable NitrAtes appear. Don't dump any chemicals or potions intothe tank that promise to speed the process. Few of them produce the results promised and some skew test results. Use a good dechlorinator that detoxifys ammonia, chlorine and chloramines . PRIME is used by most AMQUEL+ is a good one as well. Dechlorinator is all that should be added to the water period.

The most important medication in your fish medicine cabinet is.. Clean water.

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Good looking fish! Are those plants live, or fake? Be aware that if they're live, they might not survive as your fish are known to nibble on or dig up plants.

I think just about any fish (save albinos, maybe) can change color depending on mood. They'll usually wash out if they're stressed out. However, color changing among African cichlids is a bit more complicated: they'll color up quite a bit at breeding time, but often sub-dominant males will take on a different appearance or even take on the coloration of the females of the same species. It could be that that's what's going on with your fish. However, as 1077 indicated, I definitely wouldn't rule out stress created by elevated ammonia or nitrite levels, so definitely keep monitoring those with a good liquid test kit and do water changes as needed.

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Hi, thanks for all your advise. I got my master test kit today and just tested the water. All is good. Here are my results:
PH 7.8
Amonia 0
Nitrate 0 - 1 it wasn't quite on the 0 colour but not on the next colour if that makes sense.
Nitrite 0

I was told i could do a 1/3 water change now too. The filter we have to take back so that can check it all out.

So there you go. Oh yeah and apparently the pale fish is perfectly normal. They said its probably just showing his dominance.
As for the plants, theyare fake!! I didn't need the hassel of real ones.
Hope you all have a great Christmas and New Year!!!!
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So it looks like your Nitrates are a 10, which is a pretty good lvl to maintain. Heed 1077's advice about water quality and dumping "potions" into your tank because I was skeptical of him at first but as I tread along in the hobby I munched down a crow sandwich and now know that he is 100% correct. BTW, I use Prime as my water conditioner and it is wonderful.

Your fish look great too! I also am starting a small cichlid tank. Today I'll introduce my first electric yellows.
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