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"Much less aggressive", lol. My male has been chasing everything in the tank around :D Ha ha.

33g with Eheim Canister Filter (80g) and 40g HOB
Crushed coral sand, coconut shell caves, bubblers, power head, dead liverock, mopani, russian mossballs, hornwort, tape grass, assorted nameless plants, one lucky bamboo shoot
-2 Calico Ryukins
-4 Ottoclinus 2 male 2 female
-1 Clown Pleco male
-1 Shubunkin/Comet?, Calico female
-1 SAE, female
-Malaysian Trumpet Snails, Rams horns
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They are less aggressive for a mbuna. Mbunas as a whole are far more aggressive than your standard community fish and really should ideally only be kept with their own kind in an overstocked setting to reduce aggression. I would suggest buying 2 more females to take some pressure of the one you have. Mbunas should be kept at a ratio of 1m to 2-3f ideally. If you don't do this your male will most likely kill your female especially in such a small tank. I would suggest ditching some of those other fish you have too. I fear they might be killed by the mbuna in time. Make sure to provide plenty of rockwork as cover. Also as mbuna are predominately vegetarian, some of your plants may also be shredded in time.

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